Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy covers : Terms of Use and Personal Information

Website Use Agreement "Manvi Tech LLC, USA"


Users of this website shall be assumed to have consented to the following terms:
by visiting our (this) website, you (the user) have Automatically, Voluntarily and Conciously has Agreed to all the Terms and Conditions of Our Company, without any disputes.

Manvi Tech LLC, USA ("The Company") reserves the right to make changes in this Use Agreement without prior notice. In the event of such changes, the revised use agreement shall apply immediately thereafter.

The Company devotes the greatest attention possible to scrutinizing the information that is posted on this website. However, the Company does not assume responsibility for the following:

1. That the information posted is completely accurate, safe and useful

2. That the information posted is always the latest version available

3. Any damages occurring from the use of this website

4. Unannounced server shutdowns, changes in information, cancellation or interruptions in the supply of information. Any damages occurring as a result of such developments.

When accessing the websites of corporate affiliates of the Company via links from this website, users are requested to comply with the use agreements of the link destinations in question.

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

The products, services, technologies and other information supplied to customers through the Company's website are protected under the Industrial property Right Law, the copyright Law and other intellectual property rights related legislation.

Customers may only make use of this information in cases when such use is limited to objectives of personal use.

Any use exceeding this realm (including reproduction, transmission, distribution, transfer, adaptation, etc. - the same applies hereinafter) shall require the clearly expressed consent of the Company.

Prohibited Behavior

When using the Company's website, customers are prohibited from engaging in the following behaviors.

1. Infringement of the industrial property rights, copyrights and other property rights of other customers, third parties and the Company.

2. Slander, abuse or threats against other customers, third parties or the Company.

3. Causing of disadvantages or damages to other customers, third parties or the Company, or acts posing the threat of such conditions.

4. Damage to the credibility of the Company of the Company's website, or acts posing the threat of such damage.

5. Use for business purposes or other commercial behavior.

6. Obscene or profane behavior or communications, other actions deemed offensive to public order and morals.

7. Use or supply of computer viruses or other harmful programs, or acts posing the threat of such supply.

8. Behavior in violation of laws (including export related legislation), or acts posing the threat of such violation.

9. In addition to the numbered items above, behavior in violation of this Use Agreement that interferes with the business operations of the Company or a third party, or acts posing the threat of such interference

Supplying of Customer Information

With the exception of cases in which the Company issues separate request on the Company's website for the supply of secrets or other exclusive information held by the customer (including the customer's ideas concerning the customer's technology, sales, products or other areas - hereinafter referred to as "the information in question, etc."), the Company shall not accept the supply of the information in question, etc.

Even in the unlikely event that the Company is supplied by a customer with information under conditions in which the Company has not explicitly expressed the clear intent to uphold confidentiality, the Company shall assume no obligation for upholding the confidentiality of such information.

In addition, the Company shall assume no obligation for the use or assessment of such information.

Exemption Clause

The Company in case where no user agreements concerning the Company's other services have been separately determined, shall assume no obligations towards customers or other third parties pertaining to use of the Company's website.

The Company shall also offer no assurances that the contents on the Company's website are fully updated, accurate, useful, compatible with specific objectives, functional, contain no computer viruses or other harmful elements or are otherwise secure.

The Company likewise assumes no obligation for damages occurring as result of changes in its use agreements or shutdowns of the website.

The Company also assumes no responsibility with regard to websites accessed by customers through links.

The existence of links does not signify that the link destination and the Company are affiliated companies, customers or maintain any other relationships.

Applicable Laws and Court of Jurisdiction

The laws of the United States shall apply to this Use Agreement and the Company's website.

Disputes related to this Use Agreement or the Company's website shall be resolved through rulings by the United States District Court as the court of exclusive jurisdiction.

Personal Information Protection Policy "Manvi Tech LLC, USA"

When receiving the personal information, etc., of customers, the Company shall inform the customers in advance of the use purposes, use methods and other details, and collect that information within an appropriate sphere.

As a rule, the purposes of use shall be limited to the following cases.

1. To supply customers with required products and services.

2. To improve the quality of services supplied to customers.

3. To inform customers of new products and services.

Use of "Cookies"

The Company may use Cookies to collect information for the aforementioned use purposes. The term "Cookie" refers to small amounts of data sent from Web servers and stored by the Internet browser in the computer disc drive. Cookies do not directly contain information concerning the customers themselves, their e-mail addresses or similar data. However, when customers supplied the Company with personal information, etc., the personal computers or other communication terminals used by the customer to access the Company's website are recorded. Nevertheless, Cookies cannot be used to obtain a customer's hard disc drive data, e-mail address or user personal identification information. Customers may set their browsers to provide notification when Cookies are received, or to block the transmission of Cookies from the start.

Use of Personal Information

With the exception of cases of legal obligations or other proper reasons, the Company shall not use customer personal information, etc., for purposes other than those indicated to the customer.

However, there may be cases when such data is used to collect information on numbers of customers, sales, website browser methods and other statistical data without designating individual customers.

Supply of Personal Information, etc., to Third Parties

In the absence of extenuating circumstances, the Company shall not supply customer personal data, etc., to third parties without the consent of the customer in question.

Management of Personal Information

The Company shall exercise appropriate management over personal information, etc., in accordance with the specific use purposes. Toward this end, managers responsible for the control of personal information, etc., shall be appointed, security measures shall be adopted to prevent illicit access, loss, falsification and leakage of personal information, etc., and other pertinent steps taken.

Correction and Deletion of Personal Information, etc.

When errors exist in a customer's own personal information, etc., administrated by the Company, or upon request from a customer for the Company to correct or delete information, the Company shall first, in the interest of preventing leakage of the customer's personal information or other adverse situations, confirm that the said request has been issued by the customer in question, and then take the appropriate action.

Contacting the Company

Questions regarding this Protection Policy should be directed to the Company by clicking on "Contact"